Officina Stellare Ritchey-Chretien RC 600/4800 Pro RC CGC OTA

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Type of build Ritchey-Chretien
Type Reflector
Focal length (mm) 4800
Aperture (mm) 600
Aperture ratio (f/) 8
Resolving capacity 0,19
Limit value (mag) 15,7
Light gathering capacity 7350
Max. useful magnification 1200
Tube construction Truss Tube
Secondary mirror obstruction 47
Backfocus (mm) 300
Mounting type no mount
Type of build OTA
Series Pro RC
Total weight  231.5 lb
Area of application
Astrophotography yes
Moon & Planets yes
Nature Observation no
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Sun no
recommended for
Beginners no
Advanced no
Observatories yes
Item 56212

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