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CCD Manufacturer & Model Kodak KAI-04022
CCD Architecture Interline Transfer
     Microlens Yes
     Anti-blooming Yes – 300x suppression
Imager Size: (WxH) 15.15mm x 15.15mm
Pixel Array (WxH): 2112×2072 total pixels, 2048×2048 active
Pixel Size: 7.4µm x 7.4µm
Pixel Full Well Depth 40,000 electrons
Absolute Quantum Efficiency Peak: 55% at 500nm
Pixel Dark Current <0.1 electron per second at 0°C
Intrinsic Read Noise <8 electrons RMS
Dynamic Range 74db
Charge Transfer Efficiency >0.99999
CCD Image Sensor KAI-04022
Electronic Shutter 100µsec to 240 minutes
Mechanical Shutter No
Internal Color Filter Wheel No
Camera Body Configuration Slim Enclosure
Dimensions W4.45'' x H4.45'' x D1.68'' (add 0.225'' for T-Mount)
Weight, without Nosepiece 26 oz. /  740g
Optical Back Focus (w/o Filters in path) 0.58'' w/ T-mount adapter
0.68'' w/ C-mount adapter
0.35'' w/ no adapter
Thermoelectric CCD Cooling Temperature regulation +/- 0.1°C, @ 0°C  to -40°C CCD temperature
In free air, Fans @ Full Speed Typically 45°C below ambient air with 85% cooling power
With Opt Liquid Cooling – Fans Off Typically 52°C below circulating liquid with 85% cooling power
(adds 0.75¨ to camera depth)
Cooling Fan Control Intelligent, user configurable
Read Rate User Selectable High Quality mode at 800KHz, High Speed mode at 8MHz
Camera Gain User Selectable High Gain 0.7 e-/ADU (default), Low Gain 1.5 e-/ADU
Digital Resolution 16 bits (both High Quality and High Speed mode)
Total System Read Noise Typically <8 electrons RMS (CCD specification limited) in High Quality mode
Typically <16 electrons RMS (CCD specification limited) in High Speed mode
Pixel Dark Current <0.1 electron per second at 0°C
Full Image Read and Download Time Typically <7 second (host computer dependent) in High Quality Mode (800KHz)
Typically 0.7 second (host computer dependent) in High Speed Mode (8MHz)
Image download times will be reduced with binning and/or subframe (ROI)
Binning Modes Symmetrical and Asymmetrical binning up to 9 pixels horizonally or vertically
Status and Notification User configurable multi-color LED status indicator and multifunction
audible beeper. Over-temperature and high/low voltage alarms.
Power Consumption 12v, 2A (24 watts) at max cooling, max fans and filter moving
(25 AC watts max with included 90-240V AC power supply)
Operating Environment Temperature: -20°C to 30°C, Humidity: 10% to 90% non-condensing
Computer Connectivity USB 2.0 High Speed (USB 1.1 compatible)
Other Ports Optically isolated 4 channel control port for telescope guiding
or input/output shutter trigger (See API Reference Manual for details)
T Mounting Adapter Standard – T-Thread, 42mm x .75mm pitch
C Mounting Adapter (1'' x 32TPI)(Not recommeded for 540i) Optional, C-Mount (Type I) lens focus compatible (17.5mm backfocus)
Nosepiece Standard, T-Adapter to 2'' nosepiece
Optional, T-Adapter  to 1.25'' nosepiece
Model 640i
The lead time of 1 – 2 weeks.

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